About Us

Sikander Hayat Khan

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 1985
Profession: Computer/Network Administrator, Self Employed
Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Ubuntu Forums: sikander3786

Why I started writing this blog:

I am an active member at answers.launchpad.net and ubuntuforums.org, mostly active in the "Installations & Upgrades", "General Help" and "Absolute Beginner Talk" subforums. Everyday, we come across some problems that keep on repeating with one user and then the other. There are some very common questions there like "Ubuntu blank screen issue", "Ugly Plymouth", "Grub problems", "Partition mounting problems" etc etc. I'll and I am trying to cover all those topics so we don't need to repeat the information over and over again.

Krytarik Raido

Gender: Male
Date of Birth: May 1976
Profession: Trained Banker, next employment hopefully in the IT sector
Location: Berlin, Germany
Ubuntu Forums: Krytarik

Why I joined writing in this blog:

I, too, am an active member at Ubuntu Forums, focussed on the subforums "Desktop Environments", "Absolute Beginner Talk" and "General Help". The same what motivated Sikander, also applies to me. I hate to repeat myself, instead I prefer writing one post or template to which I can refer when needed, and if it's only to occasionally copy&paste the templates into an UF reply. Writing in this blog enables me to concentrate my posts at one place, not strewn all across the UF like before, and also to give the posts a much better look. Besides that, working with Sikander is a pleasure, and our close co-operation improves either posts, incites new posts, and improves the appearance of the whole site.