Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to Run MATE with Compiz in Ubuntu

MATE is a promising project dedicated on keeping the old traditional Gnome 2.x desktop alive. For knowing more about MATE features and instructions on how to install it in Ubuntu Precise and Oneiric, please see our recent post here:

By default, MATE comes with a minimal window manager called 'Marco'. But if you want a bit of eye-candy or more features, you can also run MATE with Compiz. For doing so, get to a Terminal and install 'mate-conf-editor' by running this command:

sudo apt-get install mate-conf-editor

Once installed, press 'Alt + F2' and run:


Note: Yes, it's really like that, no dropped minus here! :P

In the configuration editor window that opens up, navigate to 'desktop > mate > session > required_components' and change the value of the 'windowmanager' key from 'marco' to 'compiz'.

You would need to re-login for the changes to take effect, and if everything goes well, you would be running MATE with Compiz. You can then install CompizConfig Settings Manager and tweak the Compiz settings, as usual. Obviously, you need a 3D-accelerated graphics card and graphics driver for running Compiz in the first place.

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