Thursday, April 26, 2012

Install Dropbox in Ubuntu Precise and Oneiric

Dropbox is an online storage service that lets you back up and access your data from anywhere. It has got clients for Linux, Android, Mac and Windows, and it has also got a web interface to access your files. Installing Dropbox in Precise and Oneiric is rather easy as you just need to install a single package from the official repositories, it will 'automagically' do the rest for you.

Update 06/24/2012

The method that we mentioned a while ago for installation of Dropbox in Ubuntu isn't working anymore since the last couple of days. The installation process would hang, stating that it is "Downloading Dropbox... 99%", but it would never finish. A bug has already been filed and they are working on it. You can find the bug report here:

Until it is sorted, if you want to install Dropbox in Ubuntu, you would need to download and install it manually. For doing so, if you already tried installing Dropbox by running the command sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox and it wasn't successful, you would first need to remove it by running:

sudo dpkg -r nautilus-dropbox

An error may appear stating that "Dropbox requires Nautilus to be restarted". Don't restart Nautilus, instead just close that popup window and run the above command one more time.

Once it successfully removed the "nautilus-dropbox" package, run this command:

sudo apt-get update

Now for installing Dropbox, download the .deb package for your architecture from here:

Open the downloaded package with Ubuntu Software Center or GDebi and begin installation. Once it gets installed, you would see a popup window stating, "To complete installation, you must start Dropbox". Don't start Dropbox yet, just click 'Cancel'.

Now run one of these commands, depending on your architecture, to download and install Dropbox' own package for integrating it into Linux, on a per-user basis:
  • 32-bit:
    cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -
  • 64-bit:
    cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -
Now relogin and Dropbox should be working.


Original Instructions

Note: This method isn't working for now. Please see above.

So, for installing Dropbox in Ubuntu Precise and Oneiric, get to a Terminal and run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nautilus-dropbox

This command will automatically install the Dropbox integration package for Nautilus and will also download the Dropbox client package from the official website.

Once the installation is finished, you would see this dialog:

  • Click 'Start Dropbox'.
  • Click 'Next'.
Now it would ask if you already have a Dropbox account or want to create a new one. Choose the appropriate option for you:

  • Click 'Next'.
Feed in your credentials:

  • Click 'Next'.
Choose your storage plan:

  • Click 'Next'.
Choose 'Typical' if you want to go with the recommended settings:

  • Click 'Install'.
Now it would offer you a 5-step tour. Go through the tour or simply skip it. That's it:

  • Click 'Finish'.
For Nautilus integration to work immediately, the latter needs to be restarted:

  • Click 'Restart Nautilus'.
  • Click 'Close'.
There it is! There would be a new directory in your home directory named 'Dropbox'. You can 'drop' in there any files you want to back up and they will be automatically synced to Dropbox. You would also have a Dropbox indicator in the top panel to easily access your Dropbox directory and the preferences, and it would also display the progress while uploading/downloading files:

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