Friday, February 3, 2012

Mac OS X Theme for Ubuntu Oneiric and Precise

The old and popular Mac transformation pack for Linux called 'Macbuntu' doesn't work with Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10 and newer, as it was built for GTK 2. And there aren't any plans of porting it to GTK 3 either, not that I've heard of at least. Still, you can make your Ubuntu Oneiric and any newer versions to look like Mac OS X Lion by following this guide.

Installing the Theme

You would need to install the Mac OS X Lion GTK theme, icons and cursors. For installing the theme, run these commands from a Terminal:

wget -O Mac-Lion-Theme.tar.gz
mkdir ~/.themes
tar -xzf Mac-Lion-Theme.tar.gz -C ~/.themes

Now install Mac OS X Lion icons by running these commands:

wget -O Mac-Lion-Icons.tar.gz
mkdir ~/.icons
tar -xzf Mac-Lion-Icons.tar.gz -C ~/.icons

And finally the cursors by running:

wget -O Mac-Lion-Cursors.tar.gz
tar -xzf Mac-Lion-Cursors.tar.gz -C ~/.icons

You would also need to install Gnome Tweak Tool if not already installed:

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

Now from the Unity Dash, search for and start Gnome Tweak Tool, also called 'Advanced Settings':

In Gnome Tweak Tool, choose Mac-Lion-Theme, Mac-Lion-Cursors and Mac-Lion-Icons in the respective fields as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

Installing a Dock

If you want to give your Ubuntu desktop a more Mac-like feel, you'll need a dock at the bottom of your screen. You can install Avant Window Navigator to nicely serve that purpose:

sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator

Once installed, search the Dash for 'Avant Window Navigator' and start it. You can easily add shortcuts to it, tweak its theme and appearance and also the behavior.

Reverting the Changes

If you want to completely remove the Mac Lion OS X theme, icons and cursors, just run this command from a Terminal:

rm -r ~/.themes/Mac-Lion-Theme ~/.icons/Mac-Lion-Icons ~/.icons/Mac-Lion-Cursors

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