Monday, January 9, 2012

Canonical Unveils Ubuntu TV at CES

You may have heard of it from some other blog already since some time, but now that it's more than just announcements and rumours, and instead some tangible facts as well as a quite impressive preview video, I thought it's the right time to cover it, too.

Like the title says, Canonical has today unveiled Ubuntu TV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and offers a preview video along with it. Judging from those, it's apparently a modified version of Unity, not really surprising and similar to the preview images of the intended OS for mobile devices also announced a while back.

So this is the promised preview video:

Canonical has also launched a dedicated section for Ubuntu TV on its website:

And for the as of now planned features, please see here (sorry, I'm not going to copy & paste that stuff over here):

According to its developer Alan Pope, the OS is already working - "not just a video" - , and a first Alpha version might be released very soon, "in hours not weeks" (IRC log). This is some great tangible stuff, and quite unexpected that it's already in that advanced state, I find.

Speaking of TV manufacturers to ship their devices with Ubuntu TV, according to an interview of Jane Silber, Canonical CEO, with the magazine PC Pro, there are no deals yet (not really unusual in this kind of state, I think), but talks with a number of them are already under way.

So, let's see if we can grab some share of the now evolving interactive-TV market. But hey, if we don't, fortunately Google's planned OS for TVs is based on Linux too, and obviously open source! ;-)

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