Monday, December 12, 2011

The Blog Isn't Dead Yet!

Apologies, we weren't able to do many posts during the last few weeks, caused by a few domestic problems. I myself was under a big load of unwanted stuff lately, and what to say about Krytarik, he was never a post-hungry author anyway. He enjoys designing/coding stuff and proof-reading the posts, etc., so basically an editor kind of person.

So, the blog is back to life again, with fresh enthusiasm. Having a break is always good, and the fact that there weren't many things happening regarding Ubuntu/Linux that I would have done a post on, makes me feel even more satisfied. However, there are still a couple of things on which I would have definitely done a post during this period and would want to cover in the upcoming days.

As a flashback, I want to re-announce that this is a Linux blog, mainly focusing on Ubuntu (as Ubuntu is what we ourselves use). And regarding our topics: as you may have noticed already, we tend to cover things no other Linux blog does, but we are also covering major topics you will find elsewhere as well, while tending to cover those more broadly where applicable; thus hoping to deliver you a nice mix between unique and common topics.

We hope you keep on following us, and enjoy your stay with us!

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