Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Links Sharing Made Easy: Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has announced that they are developing a new add-on named 'Firefox Share', for sharing links to all the popular social networks from within Firefox. The add-on still in alpha state, and so far only supports Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, while LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google apps and probably Google+ would be supported soon, and support for multiple Twitter accounts added also.

Firefox Share is a descendant of the old Firefox sharing add-on 'F1', but it slightly differs from F1 in a sense that
  • it has been completely redesigned to integrate better with the look and feel of Firefox, so it would look more nativ to the OS it runs on,
  • now the add-on communicates directly with the services, whereas F1 used a stateless server as a proxy for communication with the services,
  • and it would also support a wide range of service providers, as opposed to F1, to satisfy the lot of us.
Please note that the add-on is still in alpha state, so bugs are expected; however, as far as I've tested it, it feels pretty solid. I didn't experience any crashes or whatsoever. You can easily add it to Firefox from the link below (no browser restart required):

If you happen to test it, you can provide your feedback at the same add-on download page.

Official release announcement:—-the-next-step-for-fast-sharing-in-firefox/

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