Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hide the User's Name in Top Panel, Ubuntu Oneiric

In Ubuntu Oneiric, the full name of the currently logged in user is displayed at the right side of the top panel by default, similar to the Me Menu in previous versions. While this is handy if the machine is used by many users, or if you have set up multiple users for different purposes, it's especially redundant if you are the only user, and it also wastes a lot of space in the panel.

Hide the User's Name

If you want to hide your user's full name from being displayed in the top panel, first make sure the package 'dconf-tools' is installed:

sudo apt-get install dconf-tools

Now press Alt + F2 and run:


In dconf-editor, navigate to 'apps > indicator-session' and untick the option 'show-real-name-on-panel'.

Thats all! Now either restart Unity by running:

unity --replace

Or simply re-login.

Hide the User Menu completely

If you are not a fan of the User Menu, you can hide it completely, as also pointed out by Martinjuju in the comments.

Therefore, in dconf-editor, under 'apps > indicator-session', untick the option for 'user-show-menu', then reload Unity by:

unity --replace

Or re-login.

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