Friday, October 28, 2011

Evolve GTK3 Theme for Unity and Gnome Shell

Evolve is a simple and minimal, lightweight light theme for GTK3, based on the Adwaita engine. It is compatible with Gnome Shell as well as Unity.

Firstly, download the theme package from here:

Extract the downloaded .zip file and then extract the 'Evolve.tar.gz' package. Now press Alt + F2 and launch Nautilus with root privileges by entering 'gksudo nautilus'. Copy the extracted 'Evolve' directory to '/usr/share/themes'.

Now launch Gnome Tweak Tool and choose 'Evolve' as your 'Window theme' and 'GTK+ theme'. If you haven't installed Gnome Tweak Tool yet or don't know how to use it, please take a look here:

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