Thursday, September 22, 2011

ADeskBar, a Simple yet Powerful Dock

ADeskBar is a simple, sleek and lightweight launcher/mac-like dock written in Python and GTK, originally for Openbox, but it works as good with other window managers also.

ADeskBar is highly configurable. You can configure its position on the screen, style, icon effects, and toggle between always visible and autohide behaviour. Dock size and opacity, background colors and gradients are also configurable. Any launchers can be added from the menu as well as custom ones. Plugins exist for clock, volume controller, main menu, notification area, bookmarked places, etc.


ADeskBar is available as .deb package. The package is compatible with all versions of Ubuntu and might also work with other Ubuntu derivatives, although not tested. You can download it from its, similarly lightweight, website:

After installation, press Alt + F2 and type 'adeskbar' to run it. If you want to run it automatically when you log in, which you obviously want to do in most cases, go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications and add a new entry with the command 'adeskbar'.


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