Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ubuntu4Beginners becomes TuxGarage!

Since the old name became increasingly and obviously unfitting for the content we are providing, and we also wanted to finally obtain our own domain, we have chosen "TuxGarage" as our new name and moved to:

The old links pointing to '', however, will remain valid and will be forwarded to our new domain. Notice that during a time of transition of some 3 days you can also still land on the old sub-domain.

Out of this, there are obviously some changes. If you are already following us by one of the channels affected by this, we would be happy if you switch over with us, and to our new channels!

We apologize for any inconvenience!


Unfortunately, we had to create a new page on Facebook. So, please either "Like" our new page through the updated button on the right side or just click the one below:

Also, as we won't update the old Facebook page anymore, you may want to stop following it. Therefore, just click on the link below to visit our old page, then choose "Unlike" on the left side:

"Unlike" old Facebook page

RSS / News Feed

As there is no additional work involved for us to keep the old feed running parallely, it will continue to be updated for some time.

But we, nevertheless, encourage you to switch over to the new feed in a considerable amount of time. Please use the updated box on the right side therefore.


You don't need to change anything, yay!

But we have updated the buttons on the right side.

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