Saturday, August 13, 2011

Googlizer: Search Google from the Clipboard, all Ubuntus

Googlizer lets you easily search Google for the text in your clipboard regardless of where it is coming from. It can be from an error message, a text file, file name or whatever. Just highlight it and click the 'Googlizer' button. It would automatically launch your default browser with search results. Googlizer is available in the official repositories for all the current versions of Ubuntu.

You can add the 'Googlizer' button to Unity Launcher, AWN, Gnome Panel or whichever dock you are using. You can even use a shortcut from your desktop or access it from the Dash or from Applications > Internet sub-menu in classic Gnome.

For installation, you can either search Software Center for 'Googlizer' or install it by running this command from a Terminal:

sudo apt-get install googlizer

For Natty users, installation from Software Center is recommended as they would get a choice to add it to the Launcher automatically.

For those using AWN, Gnome Panel, etc. you can simply drag and drop 'Googlizer' from Applications > Internet sub-menu to whichever Dock you are using.

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