Monday, August 22, 2011

10 Must Have Chrome / Chromium Extensions

Google Chrome is already a popular browser, as is its open source variant Chromium. It is already rich enough when it comes to Extensions (Add-ons). Here is a list of top 10 must have extensions.


This multi-lingual extension keeps you updated for any weather changes and also lets you quickly look at the maps and weather outlook for the next 24 hours.

1-Click Weather Extension


This extension blocks all the ads for you even including Facebook and Youtube (beta) ads.

AdBlock Extension


Linux and Mac versions of Chrome/Chromium lack a very simple of scrolling which is emulated by clicking the middle mouse button. Thankfully, a customizable extension is now available which lets you choose the speeds as well as pixel distance for scrolling.

You'll need to restart your browser after adding this extension.

AutoScroll Extension

Chrome Notepad Editor

A simple notepad editor build inside Chrome itself. It stores you notes locally. Also lets you add links to the notepad via the right click context menu.

Chrome Notepad Editor Extension

Download Assistant

This extension lets you choose your favorite download manager for downloads. It natively supports FlashGet, JDownloader, Gwget Download Manager, Aria 2, Axel Download Accelerator, cURL and Wget but you can also add custom one's. See here on how to integrate uGet download manger into Chrome:

Download Assistant Extension

Google Translate

With Google Translate, you can choose your default language and then from any page, you can translate it into the intended language by simply clicking the button in the toolbar.

Google Translate Extension


NotScripts gives you a high degree of "NoScript" like control over what javascript, iframes, and plugins runs in your browser to increase security and lower the CPU usage. It is useful to help mitigate some attacks like certain cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities and drive by downloads by blocking the third-party content before it even runs with it's default deny policy.

You can easily whitelist any trusted sites by clicking the NotScripts icon in Omnibox.

NotScripts Extension

RSS Subscription Extension

From Google, this RSS extension auto-detects feeds on the page you are reading and displays the RSS icon in Omnibox. It comes with 4 feed reader pre-defined i.e. Google Reader, iGoogle, Bloglines and My Yahoo but you can also add custom one's.

RSS Subscription Extension


SearchPreview adds thumbnails to your Google search results.

SearchPreview Extension

Session Manager

Session manager lets you save your current browser state for later use. You can create multiple sessions, rename or delete them. You've got probably got a list of pages to open in the morning, evening or any specific time of the day. Just create a session and make your life easier.

Session Manager Extension

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