Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mark Shuttleworth: Chrome might replace Firefox in Ubuntu but the change isn't expected very soon

Mark Shuttleworth, in a recent interview with NetworkWorld, revealed that Google Chrome might replace Mozilla Firefox. Though, for the next release of Ubuntu i.e, 11.10, they decided to stick with Firefox. And the change is not expected to come in 12.04 as well as that would be a Long Term Support release and they don't make major changes to LTS releases meaning that Firefox and Ubuntu would still be together for another year or so.

Shuttleworth said:

"We looked at it closely in the last cycle and the decision was to stick with Firefox in 11.10. That probably keeps us on Firefox for another year, at least, and we'll see from there."

Why is Canonical looking forward to include Chrome instead of Firefox which has got a greater number of fans (at the moment at least)? Shuttleworth answered it himself:

"The work Google is doing with the Chrome operating system, which runs the Chrome browser on top of a generic version of Linux, is having a hugely positive impact on the performance of Chrome on Linux."

If Firefox gets replaced by Chrome in the future, it would still be available for installation from the repositories but the user would have to do it himself, just like Chrome fans use to do these days.

Shuttleworth's complete phone interview with NetworkWorld which lasted for nearly an hour and covered Unity, Gnome-Shell, Chrome OS and some off-topic chats also, can be found here:

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