Thursday, June 23, 2011

Firefox 5 Stable arrives in the Official Natty Repositories, and in the "firefox-stable" PPA

We recently talked about Mozilla following a new release cycle for Firefox and Thunderbird. So following that schedule, Firefox 5 stable was released a few days ago just a couple of weeks after Firefox 4 was released after a development cycle that lasted longer than a year.

This time you don't need to add any custom PPA to the Ubuntu releases that come with Firefox 4 by default e.g, Natty Narwhal. Firefox 5.0 is in the official repositories now and you just need to fire-up your Update Manager or run these commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

So, what did Mozilla achieve in Firefox 5 in just a couple of weeks after the release of Firefox 4? This is what they say:

The latest version of Firefox includes more than 1,000 improvements and performance enhancements.

UPDATE 6/23/2011: The same is also true now for the "firefox-stable" PPA. So, if you installed Firefox 4 in Lucid or Maverick by using this PPA, you, as well, just need to upgrade by following the above stated commands.

In order to do a full successful upgrade, you need to remove the package "xul-ext-ubufox" before, since the package "ubufox" seems to fully replace it now, and won't upgrade then because of the resulting conflict.

sudo apt-get purge xul-ext-ubufox

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