Friday, June 17, 2011

Easy Installation of Popular Apps that are not in the Official Repositories, all Ubuntus

Mostly, Ubuntu users are accustomed to easy installation of software using the 'Software Center'. But, not all (proprietary) software can be found in the official repositories including Google Earth, Adobe Acrobat, Picasa, Ubuntu-Tweak etc. In those cases, this script is really handy.

Download the respective script file for your Ubuntu version here:

Using File Browser, navigate to the download location and right-click the downloaded script file. Go to Properties > Permissions tab and tick the box for 'Allow executing file as program'.

Now double-click the script and choose 'Run in Terminal'.

Enter your password when prompted. The script requires 'Zenity', 'wget' and 'notify-osd' to run itself so it might first install those packages if they are missing. It would also notify you if any updates to the scirpt are available. Then, you would see the License information window, choose 'Yes' if you agree and want to use the script.

Now, it would run 'apt-get update' to refresh the repository index. Once finished, you'd see the main window where you can select any of the packages you want to install and then click 'Ok' to start the installation process.

Once your desired software has been installed, the script might offer you to remove the repositories that were added by the script. But it isn't recommended as you won't be receiving updates for those software then.

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