Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easiest method to fix Ugly Plymouth, all Ubuntus

Once you install Nvidia or ATI proprietary drivers on Ubuntu, the next time you boot your machine, you'll notice that the Plymouth boot image grows quite out of shape. Actually the resolution is not set properly. Here is what we can do to fix it.

Run these commands one by one, only after the previous one has finished:

chmod +x fixplymouth

It might take a couple of minutes for the last command to finish as it would install some missing packages, if any, and update the boot configuration. You'll be prompted to enter the best resolution for your display at this screen:

fixplymouth script

If you already know your display's native / perfect resolution, enter it in this format (the '24' stands for the color depth):


If you need to find your display's current resolution, you can go to System > Preferences > Monitors in classic Gnome, or in Unity, press the <Super> key and search for 'Monitors'. It would display your current resolution.

Once the script finishes, you're done.

Upon next boot, the splash should be displayed correctly.

If the above method doesn't help in your case, please take a look at the manual way of fixing Plymouth:

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