Saturday, February 19, 2011

Create Windows 7 Startup USB from Ubuntu using GParted

Windows 7 can be booted and installed from a USB drive. It comes with a handy USB creation tool, but the tool runs only under Windows. In Ubuntu, you have to create the USB manually.

Plug in your USB and follow the steps below. Your USB needs to be at least 4 GB in size.

1. Install GParted from Software Center, Synaptic, or the command line:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gparted

It will appear under System > Administration > GParted.

2. Fire up GParted and format your USB drive to NTFS. If there are more than 1 partitions, delete all of them and create a single NTFS partition.

Caution: Be careful when selecting your USB drive from the drop down menu in GParted. Make sure you don't format or delete one of your internal partitions.


3. Make your partition bootable by placing a boot flag on it. Right-click your partition in GParted, go to 'Manage Flags' and tick the box against 'boot'.

GParted Boot Flags

4a. If you've got a Windows 7 DVD, pop it in your DVD-ROM and copy & paste all the contents to your USB drive.

4b. If you've got an ISO image of Windows 7, you need to mount it and then copy & paste the contents to your USB drive. You can install GMount-ISO from Software Center and use it from 'Applications > Accessories > System Tools', or use the command line method.

I. Navigate to the directory which contains your Windows 7 ISO image. If the image is on your desktop:

cd ~/Desktop

II. Create a mount directory:

mkdir isomount

III. Now mount your ISO image:

sudo mount -o loop <name-of-iso-image> isomount

IV. Open the mount directory in your file browser and copy & paste all the files to your USB drive.

V. Un-mount your ISO image:

sudo umount isomount

5. Reboot your PC and set your BIOS to boot from the USB drive.

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